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Spring bunnies in the fresh air

The Bunnies' Spring Surprise

Easter is here and there are surprises hidden in Rabbit Valley - join in the fun and help the Radish family try to find them…

  • What do I get with my Magpi hunt purchase?

    The Radish family in Rabbit Valley are beside themselves with glee after they've heard about your offer of help. Thank you! You will however need the items below to ensure you make the most out of your scavenger hunting experience. 

    1 x The Bunnies' Spring Surprise Magpi Scavenger Hunt (PDF format).

    1 x Set of instructions.

    1 x Score Sheet to help you keep a total of your Easter treats for the host.

    1 x Unique Player sheet. 

    All the best... 

  • Age range: 5-10 yrs

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