How it works

1. Choose your Scavenger Hunt – each has age ranges for guidance.

2. Decide on your host (responsible for running the hunt and scoring it at the end).

3. Install your preferred video-conferencing platform on your computer.

4. Send your invite to your guests – with the link to the hunt.

5. When everyone joins on the day, share the hunt (for your guests to look at on their screen/s of choice) with your party on Presentation mode.

6. Move through the slides, one-by-one, using the right arrow button on your computer, until you get to the Scavenger list – this is the list of the things to be found in an hour. 

7. Remain on this page, start timer…and set your guests off on their magical Mapgi hunt.

8. After the hour is up, gather everyone back to the screen with your score sheets to see what everyone has found, presenting prizes to the winner with the most points/treasures found.


Online Web Conferencing Platforms  



Zoom Video Conferencing licenses you a free 40 minute call session with as many people as you wish.

Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts offers 60 minutes free for up to 100 people.



Skype for free calls and chat, provides an engaging and interactive video time with multiple people all for free.



WhatsApp allows up to 4 people on a video call and unlimited time.