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What is a scavenger hunt?

Traditionally, a scavenger hunt is a list of items that players have to find in a certain timeframe to win the game. Unlike a treasure hunt, these are items that will already be in the environment.

What is a Magpi scavenger hunt?

Our hunts are downloadable story files that guide the players through a quest to a list of scavenger hunt items to find. The hunt story acts as a focal point around which to run the event – as well as weaving magic around the experience.

How many people can play?

As many as you like! Video-conferencing platforms can be used by any number of people. If they have the link they can join in with the hunt in their own home – or together outdoors.

Who is the host and what do they do?

You are the host -or someone you nominate. The host is responsible for uploading the hunt file to the video-conferencing platform on the day and sharing it on their screen so that everyone who joins the call can see it. The host will also move the slides forward, start the timer and call everyone back together at the end of the hunt to do the scoring. If you want to be free to enjoy doing the hunt with your children we can provide Scavenger Hunt Hosts to run your event on request.

How does everyone join the hunt?

They just click on the link that you will send them when you set up the time and date for your video-conference meeting. We’ve all Zoom-ed…you know the score!

How does scoring work?

In the event of a tie the winner is at the host's discretion – you might want to give two prizes, or else set them a task to determine the winner such as an extra object to find – first one back

bags the prize.

What do I need for a photographic hunt? 

Players will need a smartphone to take part in a Magpi scavenger hunt. 

Who provides the prizes?

You are responsible for providing any prizes you wish to give to the winner or winners of the hunt and for making sure they get them.

How do I run an outdoor scavenger hunt?

Download the video conferencing app of your choice to your smartphone and tell your guests to do the same. Then run the hunt from your phone, sharing the hunt file and stopping as usual on the list so that the players search for the list items, consulting the list on their phones. Arrange a place to meet at the end of the hunt to show what has been collected.

How can I get help if I need it?

We recommend uploading the hunt you’ve bought to your chosen video-conferencing platform ahead of the big day and checking you know how to share your screen with the participants and move through the slides in Slide Show mode. We’re happy to help on email if you run into any problems – although we cannot promise we will be online on the day…so do a trial run ahead of time.

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