Magpie’s are nature’s gatherers — they know the fun of collecting objects and so do we.

Download a Magpi Scavenger hunt and follow the story with friends together online — collecting everything on the list in a race against the clock.

Imagination gets you extra marks and the person with the most points wins! Run the hunt yourself from your home computer or smartphone — it’s easy! 

A scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for birthday parties, Hallowe’en, Easter and Christmas celebrations, sunny afternoons in countryside or just to have fun — and a perfect way for younger family members in different countries to enjoy a playdate together too!

Are you ready to find the fun?

Mapgi. Have an adventure wherever you are.


“At a time when everything has been cancelled, this was the most magical online scavenger hunt we could have hoped for - imaginative, innovative, interactive, witty and a good sprinkling of magical spookiness. It was just the ticket. The online host kept the kids engaged and motivated throughout and created a  fabulous evening. Thank you”

Jennifer, London